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Get Ready For IELTS Listening Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: Genel Kitaplar
Sayfa Sayısı: 134
ISBN: 9780007460625
Kapak: Ciltsiz
Jane Short
Jane Short
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  • Get Ready For IELTS Listening Kısa Özet

    A lower-level exam practice book designed to improve the level of students who plan to take the IELTS test in the future.

    Collins Get Ready for IELTS Listening is the perfect book for lower level learners who want to develop the necessary skills to perform effectively on the IELTS Listening test.

    Perfect for self-study, the series follows a guided-learning approach that gives students access to a full answer key with model answers. Developed by experienced IELTS tutors, the series takes into account the specific language needs of learners at this level.

    Twelve units of carefully graded material for lower level students, all supported with clear examples
    Key IELTS grammar and vocabulary for the IELTS Listening test provided in each unit
    Regular exam tips and information in each unit
    'Watch out!' sections that highlight common errors made by learners in the IELTS Listening test
    Four review units to check and consolidate understanding of key language and skills for the IELTS Listening test
    Complete IELTS Listening practice test, answer keys, audioscripts and audio CD provided
    Vocabulary glossary for each unit provided at the back of the book

    CEF level: A2-B1
    Ideal for learners with band score 3-4 who want to achieve a higher score.

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    Get Ready for IELTS Reading
    Get Ready for IELTS Writing
    Get Ready for IELTS Speaking

    Through IELTS-style tasks and exercises, Collins Get Ready for IELTS Listening helps learners gain confidence in core listening competencies for IELTS.

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