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Wuthering Heights Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: Yabancı Dilde Kitaplar
Sayfa Sayısı: 64
ISBN: 9789752565111
Kapak: Ciltsiz
Emily Bronte
Emily Bronte
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    *I like the pacing. It makes you wonder what will happen next.

    I also like the gothic feel.* Daisy, 13

    I saw everything. They told me everything. I played a part in everything.

    Nelly Dean has spent her life serving the inhabitants of Wuthering Heights. She has quite a tale to tell. She wants to tell it to you.

    Nelly’s story is as wild and stormy as the moors on which it is set. She talks of haunting, hatred, love, grief and the desire for revenge.

    Her tale begins and ends with the mysterious Heathcliff. Where has this strange, silent boy come from? Will you fear him or pity him? What drives the adult Heathcliff to destroy others, even his own son, and to dig in dark graveyards? Is it love or vengeance, or both?

    This famous story of Heathcliff


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