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  • Operations Management Kısa Özet

    Operations management is at the center of substantial amount of changes affecting the business world. To compete successfully in today’s competitive environment, organizations must achieve excellence in operations management. This book provides the reader with a concise overview of the Operations Management including the core principles of the major operations management systems. This text is an invaluable source for undergraduate, graduate, and MBA students who have the goals to learn the heart of the operations management systems. The book intends to help students become more effective managers in today’s competitive global environment. In a thirteen comprehensive chapters, the author blends accessible coverage of quantitative methods with qualitative topics. Meaningful examples clearly illustrate the logic and analytical thought process of modeling. It offers practice in formulating, solving, and interpreting the solutions for complex problems. The text aims to help the students develop their critical thinking skills with the questions and problems provided at the end of each chapter.

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