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Nizam-ı Cedide Dair Askeri Layihalar

Türk Tarih Kurumu Yayınları

Ahmet Öğreten

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Nizam-ı Cedide Dair Askeri Layihalar Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: Tarih Araştırma ve İnceleme Kitapları
Sayfa Sayısı: 372
ISBN: 9789751629531
Kapak: Ciltli
Ahmet Öğreten
Ahmet Öğreten
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    This book is about the millitary aspect of the reports requested from foreing am bassadors in istanbul and several statesmen by the Ottoman Sultan Selim III before launching the reform movement known as Nizam-ı Cedid.

    In general terms it was the historian Ahmed Cevdet Pasha who for the first time studied the reports submitted to Sultan Selim III.In his famous work published in 1309 fifty pages in volume VI were about the evaluation of the reports. Cevdet Pasha expressing that he was not able to see some of the reports mainly focused his attention on the reports by Koca Yusuf Pasha Çavuşbaşı Mehmed Raşid Tatarcık Abdullah Efendi and Defterdar Şerif Efendi. Regarding the other reports he either shortly mentioned about the content or only refer to the name of the report.

    Two of the reports sunmitted to Sultan Selim III were published full text in Tarih -i Osmani Encümeni Mecmuası between  1332 and 1333 and also a dissertation on one of these reports was written.

    İncluding the renowned historian Stanford J.Shaw many other scientists working on these reports made use of the study which is full of misreading and mistakes published in the journal "Tarih vesikaları" between 1942 and 1943 by Prof. Enver Ziya Karal.

    The military reports on Nizam-ı Cedid forms the core of this study and the reports written in order to ease the works of military reform commission one of the special commissions assigned to prepare laws and regulations about the reform movements planned by Sultan Selim III regarding the military subjects, were brought together into a booklet. This bookloet contains only the reports of military content or the military content of the other comprehensive reports.

    It was found out that there are only three copies of military reports in the libraries around the world. All these copies are in the Turkish libraries in istanbul one of the handwritten manuscripts has been located among Ali Emiri Books in Nation Library in Fatih istanbul another one among Mehmet Zeki Pakalın collection in Atıf Efendi library in istanbul and the last one among Mehmet Zeki Pakalın collection in Topkapı Palaca Museum Library in istanbul the publication made by Enver Ziya Kartal in "Tarih Vesikaları" journal is the copy among Ali Emri Books.

    In this book text comparison was performed by referring to the copy in the nation library as a the copy in topkapı palace museum library as Y and the copy in Atı Efendi library as P the aim of this comparison is to reveal a proper and reliable text thus providing the historians working particularly on the Ottoman reformation movements with a resource to be made good use of the text comparison was predicated upon the copy as P.

    The book is comprised of five sections ın the first section ottoman military system and the deterioration of this system in the second section the owners of the reports and analysis of these reports in the third section transcribed texts of military reports in the fourth section the translation of the reports into modern Turkish and in the fifth section the original handwritten manuscript of the p copy the main source of this work are presented.

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