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From Göbeklitepe To Industry 4.0: Smart Buildings Smart Cities

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From Göbeklitepe To Industry 4.0: Smart Buildings Smart Cities Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: Akademik Kitaplar
Sayfa Sayısı: 184
ISBN: 9786257958226
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    For a long time, urban planning has been around and many of the concepts of urban planning date back to ancient times. The wide boulevards that intersect at the right angles and today`s city centers can be attributed directly to the grid system and city planning structure implemented in the reconstruction of ancient Greek cities. Smart buildings and cities have, however, been a developing subject throughout the world in architecture, engineering and other social disciplines over the past few decades. But what are the cities that are smart? By reviewing the current literature and implementations, it is seen that there are very different smart city concepts and therefore different applications. Although there is no standard definition on this issue, we can consider smart city as a modernization effort that allows cities to make more effective use of their resources and provide better service to residents. From this definition, it can be derived that a smart city may face many challenges in many different domains, such as sufficient access to fresh water, cleaner energy, smart buildings that meet the needs of their residents, and the ability to travel efficiently while keeping the city greener.

    A clever city needs to renew and reconsider where we lived for centuries. There are many reasons why we should change our cities and make them more intelligent on an ongoing basis: our cities are getting bigger and bigger, our traffic is longer, roads are bigger and the environmental impact is worse than ever. We need to look up our cities and try to refresh them with advanced technological tools to tackle these challenges. In reality, designing and planning our smart building and cities is no longer optional, especially in developing countries, given the significant population growth. The task will be to provide basic resources such as safe food, clean water and adequate energy to these communities, while also maintaining overall economic, social and environmental sustainability.

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