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Blind Willow Sleeping Woman

Vintage Books London
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Türü: Yabancı Dilde Kitaplar
Sayfa Sayısı: 436
ISBN: 9780099512820
Kapak: Ciltsiz
Haruki Murakami
Haruki Murakami
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    Here are animated crows, a criminal monkey, an ice man, as well as the dreams that shape us and the things we wish for. Whether during a chance reunion in Italy, a romantic exile in greece, a holiday in Hawaii or in the grip of everyday life, Murakami's Characters confront loss, or sexsuality, or the glow of a fireafly, or the impossible distance between those who ought to be closest of all.

    'more insights into life, death, memories, love and kangaroos than one has a right to expect in any single volume'

    Daily Express

    'An intimate pleasure'

    The Times

    'These stories ara rich in Murakami magic...

    A collection that all readers will enjoy'


    'Literature's answer to David Lynch'

    Times Literary Supplement

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