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Think and Write 2

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Türü: Dil Öğrenimi
Sayfa Sayısı: 104
ISBN: 9788956351735
Boyut: 21.2 x 0
Kapak: Ciltsiz
Andy Brown
Andy Brown
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    Think and Write is a two-book series for upper elementary to middle school students. It provides motivation for writing, as well as a framework from which to write. This series also provides students with background information and examples of practical application while providing structure for their own writing.

    Think and Write combines reading and writing to give students the skills needed to develop their ideas into full paragraphs. With Think and Write, students will learn how to express their thoughts in writing and make the change from sentence based thinkers to confident paragraph writers.

    Reading passages that appeal to students' interests
    Activities that help students to learn vocabulary and idioms
    Interesting illustrations that help students to learn English expressions
    Guidance for students to systematically organize their ideas
    Opportunities for students to express their opinions and feelings freely and confidently
    Allows for ease of use in various classroom settings
    Teacher's Manual contains unit overviews, teaching tips, answer keys and extra vocabulary practice

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