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Pinocchio Stage 1 (İngilizce Hikaye)

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Pinocchio Stage 1 (İngilizce Hikaye) Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: Yabancı Dilde Kitaplar
Sayfa Sayısı: 64
ISBN: 9786052490501
Kapak: Ciltsiz
Carlo Collodio
Carlo Collodio
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    1828-1890) Carlo Lorenzini Collodi is the better known pseudonym of Carlo Lorenzini, a journalist and writer who was born in Florence in 1826, dying there in 1890. He began writing children’s books in 1876, with the publication of 1 racconti delle fate, an excellent translation of French literary fables (Perrault, Madame Leprince de Beaumont, Madame D´Aulnoiy). hi 1881 he began to contribute on a regular basis to one of the first Italian periodicals for children. *11 giomale per i bambini* *The Children’s Magazine*, the first issue of which published the initial instalment of Le avventure di Pinocchio *Pinocchio’s Adventures*. At that time it was entitled *Storia di un burattino* *Story of a puppet*. Further stories later appeared in the same periodical, such as Pipi, o lo scimiottino color di rosa Pipi, or the little rose-coloured monkey*, a sort of continuation of Pinocchio but with a gentle tone of self-persiflage ; these stories would later be gathered together in Storie allegre *Cheery Stories* (1887).

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