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7 Mehmet Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: Diğer
Sayfa Sayısı: 296
ISBN: 9786254497612
Kapak: Ciltli
Kağıt Tipi: Kuşe
Basım Tarihi 2023
Sinan Hamamsarılar
Sinan Hamamsarılar
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  • 7 Mehmet Kısa Özet

    7 Mehmet... Founded in 1937, three generations, grandfather, father, and now grandson, have made it one of the iconic restaurants of Antalya and even Turkey. Yaşar Kemal, one of Turkey’s leading novelists, wrote in the restaurant`s guestbook: "A Mediterranean restaurant… As big and beautiful as the Mediterranean! "Aydın Boysan, a much-loved humorous writer said, "Can a restaurant be a symbol for a city, or even a country? Of course, it can!" Some visited 7 Mehmet Restaurant for its famed Sezen pilaf, some for its legendary pumpkin dessert, some for its goat meatballs, some for its salads, some for its slow roasted kid or grouper with almonds.

    So why is this restaurant so special? What is its story? Why is it named 7 Mehmet? What are the secrets of a restaurant surviving for nearly 100 years by growing its legend and diversifying its flavors? How did concepts such as "sustainability, waste-free cuisine, seasonality, being a school", all those concepts which are so frequently mentioned nowadays, became embedded in the genes of this restaurant years ago...

    "7 Mehmet - Stories, Products and Recipes", will answer these questions, teach you and delight your tables with its recipes.

    Mehmet Akdağ, the third-generation owner of the restaurant, narrated and Sinan Hamamsarılar wrote. Stories, products and recipes of 7 Mehmet Restaurant that have been kept secret for years... All in the book you are holding in your hands... Instructive, delicious, inspiring...

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