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Sayfa Sayısı 154
ISBN 9781840224276
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  • Washington Square Kısa Özet

    Washington Square marks the culmination of James's appyrentice period as a novelist. With sharply focused attention upon just four principal characters, James provides an acute analysis of middle-class manners and behaviour in the New York of the 1870s. A period of great change in the life of the city. This change is explored through the device of setting the novel's action during the 1840s, similarly a period of considerable turbulence as the United States experienced the onset of rapid commercial and industrial expansian. Through the relationships between Austin Sloper, a celebrated physician, his sister Lavinia Penniman, his daughter Catherine, and Catherine's suitor, Morris Townsend, James observes the contemporary scene as a site fo competing styles and performances where authentic expression cannot be articulated or is subject to supperession.

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