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Anecdotes come from all over the world. They come in bundles to tease and deride others but to invigorate and to teach us.They sand a small but strong wave of light towards an ideo, a person, a happening or an institution which has probably never attracted our attention in the course of daily life, though it should have done so. Through the short and hany way of catching our eye, the anecdote usually leads us to criticize a non-functioning institution, to be aware of social discomfort to sympathize with people not alien to ourselves, or just to laugh and have fun...Well, that’s not bad, is it?Her is another bundle of anecdotes, thistime from Turkey that are meant to make you smile, mind and mouth. They may be classified as Turkish but brainwork, heartwork and smilin’are global. Anecdotes may not be big and sober and decorative like peace treaties, but they are those teeny-weeny ropes which tie us to one another, and make us feel that we’re not alone in fun and in fear.So read and enjoy them and tell them to others. If and when they settle on an armchair of your memory, the work of this book is done...