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The Emergence Of Socıal Democracy In Turkey

I.B. Tauris
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The Emergence Of Socıal Democracy In Turkey Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: Yabancı Dilde Kitaplar
Sayfa Sayısı: 325
ISBN: 9781780764399
Kapak: Ciltli
Yunus Emre
Yunus Emre
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  • The Emergence Of Socıal Democracy In Turkey Kısa Özet

    'Yunus Emre manages to render a complex history comprehensible and sheds light on the remarkable political career of [former RRP leader and Turkish Prime Minister] Bulent Ecevit ... Emre's work is an important contribution to a hitherto neglected aspect of Turkey's politics and also to the history of a period of political modernisation, before ideological polarisation made such positions of compromise difficult to imagine. It is the product of careful research of primary sources and publications of the period. It will be a worthwhile addition to the small library of original research on Turkish political development.

    ' Professor Caglar Keyder, The Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History, Bogazici Univeristy

    ' [This book] will bridge a gap in the literature, both in Turkish and English ... it will serve those working on social democracy, as well as social and political change in general.

    ' Professor Mensur Akgun, Director of the Global Trends Center, Istanbul, Kultur University.

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