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The Bosnian Frontier At Wars Of 1736-1739 Ottoman-Russo-Austro: A Case Study On Ömer Bosnavi’s Work

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The book was accepted by YÖK as Master thesis in 2014 and published as book firstly by Lambert Press in January, 2016. After acceptance of thesis in 2014, a few studies published but Ömer Bosnavi’s work was firstly published by me. Therefore first original transcription involve in that book. That study aims to offer an outline of the Ottoman-Russo-Austro War in 1736-1739 and also attempts to portray the Bosnia Frontier, an important subregion the Austro-Ottoman war. To provide a more detailed understanding of the Bosnian frontier, the first transcription of Ömer of Novi's "Ahval-i Gazavat Der Diyar-ı Bosna" was included as a primary source in the study.

While the Ottoman Empire was engaged in the Persian Wars in the 1730s, both Austrian and Russian Empires pursued a hostile policy the Ottoman Empire in accordance with the terms of a treaty of alliance in 1726. Upon the invasion of Crimea by Russians, the Ottomans declared a war against Russia in 1736. After Austria completed the preparations of the war, and joined in the battle on the side of Russia in 1737.

In the beginning of the war, Austrians occupied the fortress of Nish and organized campaigns in such regions as Wallachia, Vidin, and Bosnia. But the fortress of Nish was successfully taken back by the Ottomans, yet unsuccessful campaigns in the Vidin and Wallachia, and especially in Bosnia after the defeat of Hildburghasuen by the Governor of Bosnia Hekimoğlu Ali Pasha in the Battle of Banja Luka changed the course of the war. Following the siege of Belgrade by Ivaz Pasha, the grand vizier, and a positive consequence of joining of Hekimoğlu in the siege, Austria was ultimately forced to make peace in 1739.