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Sunken Nest Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: Roman
Sayfa Sayısı: 312
ISBN: 9786055003241
Kapak: Ciltsiz
Nazdar Roşna Ayzit
Nazdar Roşna Ayzit
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    Despite the common belief, pirates are not a group of ruthless plunderers and seducers waiting on the open sea. They are a group of seducing plunderers with an island. And they have a leading family as ruthless any other.

    Neemarina is born on the island. Unfortunately, she also happens to be the ‘princess’. Her life consisted of combat training and no play-buddies until all three heirs to the Silverash throne were brought to the island.

    All could have become a pleasant memory if the queen of Silverash was not assassinated shortly after. Oh, and all evidence suggests the murderers to be a group of pirates, including Neema.

    A decade after their first meeting, the unmeant quartet are brought together once again when the unstable king of Silverash captures the pirate princess. In such a perplexing state, our heroes have simple motives:

    All Neema wants is to break free from the filthy dungeons. And to figure out why abnormal things happen when she is utterly furious-which is more frequent nowadays.

    Marbeline cannot help but feel that her mother’s murder is too perfect.

    Rumion would have ripped Neema’s pirate head out of her treacherous body… Only if his dear siblings let him. And blades stopped raining from the sky somehow.

    Grav isn’t completely sure how he got involved in this mess and ruined his silk shirt, but it has to be Marbeline. Or rabid horses.

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