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Sticker Activity Book : Numbers

Kohwai & Young
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Türü: Çıkartmalı Kitaplar
Sayfa Sayısı: 16
ISBN: 9789833371822
Kapak: Ciltsiz
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    A series of interactive sticker book for young children to develop early learning skills

    Each sticker book has ben carefully designed based on a theme. It offers a range of delightful stickers with full colour illustrations / photographs for young children to find and match. ıt is a fun way of exploring and learning first concepts. There are other stimulating activities to do too. This series of sticker books is not only entertaining but also educational. Suitable for scholl and hame use.

    Note to parents

    Give your children a head start in learning with these challenging sticker books. The best way to use these books is to:

    (a) encourage the children to answer the questions.

    (b) guide them in finding the correnct stickers.

    (c) teach them to do the activities.

    (d) talk about the objects or topics. Reinforce learning by using the things around you, where possible.

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