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Peace and Justice: Seeking for Wisdom of Life

47,00 TL
43,24 TL

How revealed "Peace and Justice: Seeking for Wisdom of Life"

In 2015-16, I was in the United Kingdom. I lived in the City of Liverpool for one year. It was a brilliant experience for me. Actually I have been studying English since I was eleven. However, going abroad, living in a foreign country is a fantastic opportunity enabling an individual not only improving language skills but also knowing new people, meeting new friends, exploring new cultures and religions all over the world. "Peace and Justice: Seeking for Wisdom of Life" contains the English poems and words I wrote in the UK and Turkey. It is my observation through the life. It is all about the wisdom and grace I found, while I am sailing my boat in this journey of life.

I do not claim that this is the only truth and I found the secret of life. These are the small rocks which I had collected while I was walking through. We are all unique. As a judge, I should speak through the evidences. Let us look at our fingerprints. Your fingerprint is unique. There is nobody one hundred percent identical to you. There hasn`t been, still isn`t and won`t be anybody as the same person you are. What does this fact mean? This is so crucial to me that makes me think about myself and my life. There is a good word: There are many more paths as much as the number of the breaths of people going through the truth, essence and wisdom of life.

In fact, everybody is responsible for their own rota happiness. Everybody should find his own unique way to reach the soul of life and wisdom of this amazing journey. This is my story. These are the treasures I found in my exploration. Sharing is caring. There is a fantastic code of life: To get, give first. The more you give, the more you will get. I am so happy and grateful to the God for these treasures. The bright light of wisdom shines my way, cleans my heart and soul. So I wanted to shed a light from deep of my heart to shine the ways for the ones who are seeking the truth and wisdom of life as well. "Every seeker perhaps cannot find the truth of life, but the founders of wisdom are surely the seekers."

I do have a dream to build a new world, a better place itself, where the colours are light and bright, bliss and happiness cover the lives. Universal love is in every heart. Peace and justice walk hand in hand through the wellbeing, health and safety of every mankind. I do have a word. I will be a good person and dedicate myself to keep the peace and justice and to increase the bliss of humanity in the rest of my life.