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New Turkish Cinema

I.B. Tauris
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New Turkish Cinema Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: Kategorisiz Ürünler
Sayfa Sayısı: 209
ISBN: 9781845119508
Boyut: 15.5 x 0
Kapak: Ciltsiz
Asuman Suner
Asuman Suner

New Turkish Cinema Hakkında Yorumlar

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    Providing a sharp and engaging analysis of the films by internationally acclaimed new wave Turkish directors like Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Zeki Demirkubuz, Yeim Ustaolu, Dervi Zaim, Serdar Akar, and Yilmaz Erdogan, this is the first full examination of contemporary Turkish cinema to be published in English.

    Asuman Suner explores the emergence of the new wave Turkish cinema against the backdrop of the drastic transformation of Turkey since the 1990s. Suner argues that this new cinema, including both commercial and independent productions, persistently returns to the themes of belonging, identity and memory; it is how films address these themes that constitutes a dividing line, with big budget popular films tending to settle contradictions into comforting resolutions, while independent movies demonstrate their paradoxical nature. At the same time, she addresses the divergences between popular and 'art' cinema that destabilise the very distinction between these categories.

    This is an enlightening and a timely book, which will be welcomed by all who are engaged with modern Turkish cinema and with the transformations that Turkish society has been undertaking over the past two decades.

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