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My Big Book Of Moral Tales : The Fox and The Grapes

Cilt Durumu Ciltsiz
Sayfa Sayısı 16
ISBN 9789673174553
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  • My Big Book Of Moral Tales : The Fox and The Grapes Kısa Özet

    A fox is so hungry that he tries and tries to get at some bunches of grapes hanging from a vine. Find out what he does and whether he can get the grapes.

    Even the youngest readers will love this new version of the classic fable. Vivid, colourful illustrations and a simple, highly readable text make this perfect for a child's first library.

    The Series My Big Book of Moral Tales:

    -Contains delightful fables for young readers'enjoyment

    -Is written in simple laguage for easy understanding

    -Is presented in large print for easy reading

    -Helps young readers to develop good reading skills

    -Includes lively, colourful illustrations to stmulate the imagination

    Note to Teachers and Parents:

    -Start by talking about the illustrations and characters in the story to your child.

    -Read the story more than once to your child.

    -Then read the story together. Stop occasionally to encourage your child to continue the story. Repeat this procces until your child can read the whole story confidently by himself/herself.

    -Spend no more than 20 to 30 minutes with your child in any one reading session. Avoid times when your child is tired, upset or hungry

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