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Türü: İngilizce
Sayfa Sayısı: 1530
ISBN: 9780582419520
Kapak: Ciltsiz
Kağıt Tipi: 1. Hamur
Basım Tarihi 2002
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    From `excellent` to `superb`! This writing dictionary expands students` vocabulary effectively,and helps them to improve their writing.

    The Longman Language Activator takes you form a key word or basic idea, like `good`, and shows you more precise words or phrases with information on register, context and grammar structures.

    Detailed definitions help students choose the correct word and natural, corpus-based examples show words in typical usage
    All the collocations and phrases you need to write correctly Index at the back of the book for easy cross-referencing


  • 1. Hamur

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