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Lives Changes From Stem to Stern 2016

Akademisyen Kitabevi

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Lives Changes From Stem to Stern 2016 Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: Akademik Kitaplar
Sayfa Sayısı: 223
ISBN: 3990000022236
Kapak: Ciltsiz
Cengiz Yakıncı
Cengiz Yakıncı
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  • Lives Changes From Stem to Stern 2016 Kısa Özet

    Life… Our state of existence between two nonexistences which elapses swiftly before our eyes while we are looking out the win­dow on the train of rush that we got on when we were born. Un­fortunately, most of the time we do not notice that life was not granted to us, it was just lent to us. The to-do-list they put in our hands right when we open our eyes to this world, is not completed even when we are drawing our last breaths. We get caught up in that to-do-list until we face an unfavorable incident which reminds us that we need to hold onto it.

    For some reason, we remember life’s meaning and its value mostly when we lose our health. While we work really hard to leave a beautiful future to our children and to our loved ones one week, we lose all of our life energy the other week, when a doctor says: *You are diagnosed with blood cancer, alias leukemia*. The spring leaves that grow up in us, the spring leaves of the meaning of life and our love for it, suddenly turn into dry autumn leaves which do not want to see the winter’s cold face. The disease pulls us into the darkness, makes us weary of life. However, it doesn’t let the darkness capture us; it tries to help the sun of life inside us to rise again. If we prepare ourselves to be together with our loved ones on brighter days and to fight a long and hard battle to revolu­tionize our lives, we can witness a great miracle.

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