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Handbook of Sacroiliac Joint

50,00 TL
38,50 TL

Thesacroiliac joint is one of the most important structure that provide balance ofthe lumbar, pelvis, and lower extremity. However it is often not considered inthe foreground in a patient with low back pain. The reason for overlooking thesacroiliac joint is the complex structure of the sacroiliac joint and thusdifficulty in diagnosis. Treatment of sacroiliac joint diseases requiresexpertise from different modalities, from physical agent modalities toexercise, alternative medicine to medical and interventional treatment methods.Due to the difficulty in analyzing the function and diagnosis of the sacroiliacjoint and the variety of treatment methods, clinicians need a quick and easyreference to give the proper treatment to the right patient. The authors ofthis handbook aimed to meet the needs of clinicians by combining theirexperiences in their fields in this book.

Thishandbook is a first of its kind to study sacroiliac joints from every aspect ofmedicine. Despite the fact that the sacroiliac region involvement is a commoncause and result of low back pain, there has never been a handbook writtencompactly to bring all the information for physicians to understand, examineand treat sacroiliac joint diseases. This handbook aims to help practitionersexamine sacroiliac pain, diagnose, and decide to treat with proper non-surgicalmethods and direct patient to surgery if necessary. The authors creating asmooth guide for the clinicians with target-specific explanations for furtherunderstand the painful sacroiliac joint and creating ways to increase theefficiency of their clinical practice.