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Gulliver's Travels Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: Diğer Çocuk Kitapları
Sayfa Sayısı: 64
ISBN: 9786059533119
Kapak: Ciltsiz
Jonathan Swift
Jonathan Swift
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    Lemuel Gulliver is a surgeon who works on an English ship. One day, after an awful shipwreck, he founds himself on an unknown land of Lilliput. There he meets very little people of only six inches high, who have their own cities and traditions. Gulliver lives in this country for some time, discovering its people and their manner. But it happens so, that he has to come back to England on account of unexpected circumstances.

    Over sixteen years, Gullivers travels to the most unimaginable and inconceivable lands. He comes to the land of Brobdingnag, where he meets huge giants and becomes this time a Lilliput himself. Then he arrives at Laputa – a flying island in the sky with weird people, who are obsessed with mathematics and astronomy. But the most extraordinary journey is still to come. On his fourth voyage, he comes to the island of Houyhnhnms. There he meets clever horses who talk in their own language and have human-like creatures as their slaves. Gulliver likes this land so much that he decides to stay there forever. But fate decreed otherwise…

    This story is a fantastic voyage to the strangest lands, where everything is absolutely out of common.

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