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Films in Teaching Turkish as A Foreign Language: A Study of Classroom Practice

70,00 TL
60,90 TL

Films in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language: A study of Classroom Practice is prepared for Turkish as a foreign language learners to improve communicative skills and intercultural competencies.
This book is developed to develop students’ listening and speaking comprehension in a multimedia classroom by Turkish language teachers. Films are widely used in teaching foreign languages.
However, studies on using films in teaching Turkish as a foreign language are limited. This book gives tips to a successful language learning. It’ll also give you an understanding of how to use films efficiently in the classroom practices. The contents of this book have been designed to cater for
different learning needs.
This book is developed with Before Viewing Activities such as guessing and vocabulary. During Viewing Activities are developed to help students to follow the plot and events in the films such as pause and play, guessing, correct the sentences, complete the missing words, repeat the phrases, and find the
idiomatic/formulaic expressions, false and true, who said the sentences. Post Viewing Activities cover some comprehension questions, role plays, choose the correct one, and rewrite the sentences, writing and group discussion activities. Thus, this book can be used to improve communicative skills and intercultural competencies. The purpose of the book is to introduce the Turkish language learners to real life situations by providing daily language, used in authentic settings. The book consists of 8 films and 15 activities for each film for B1-B2 level Turkish as a foreign language learners.

1. Introduction
1.1. Movies as Audio Visual Tools in Foreign Language Teaching
1.2. Advantages of Using Video in Foreign Language Teaching
1.3. The Importance of Movies in Turkish Language Teaching
1.4. Using Films to develop language skills in Teaching Turkish to Foreigners
Film 1 Dedemin İnsanları (2011)
Film 2 Mucize (2014)
Film 3 Babam ve Oğlum (2005)
Film 4 Bizim Hikâye (2015)
Film 5 Av Mevsimi (2010)
Film 6 Beyaz Melek (2007)
Film 7 Umut (2009)
Film 8 7. Koğuştaki Mucize (2019)