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Economics and Politics

125,00 TL
108,75 TL

The directors of Academician Publishing House, have been conducting their commercial activities for a long time by transferring their 30 years of broadcasting experience to their legal entities. In the said period, it was proud to publish 750 books, particularly health and social sciences, cultural and artistic topics. The Academician, that defines the platform of being an international publishing house, is in the pursuit of creating a global brand in addition to broadcasting in Turkish and foreign languages.

The books, which are considered as permanent documents of scientific and intellectual studies, are the witnesses of hundreds of years as an information recording platform. The future of the book, which has built on a solid basis with the invention of the printing press, will certainly have a place in our lives for a long period of time, even though it has moved into orbit of new inventions.

Academician Publishing House has started the process of publishing books in international quality and quantity with its own name of *Scientific Research Book* series in Turkish and English. The publication process, which will take place in March and September every year, will continue with thematic sub titles. We owe to our thanks to all of our researchers who supported this process, which was starting with about 30 books, and to everyone in the background.


- Chapter 1 A *Systems Approach* For Foreign Policy Analysis
Sefer Yılmaz

- Chapter 2 Comparing the Balance of Payments of Northern and Southern European Countries in Terms of Heckscher Ohlin Theory
Salih Kalaycı

- Chapter 3 Local Governments, Decentralization and Social Policies
Aziz Belli

- Chapter 4 Industrial Property Rights and Their Economic Significance: Analysis of The Current Situation in Turkey
Şenay Saraç

- Chapter 5 The Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) and Turkey: Foreign Trade Analysis
Şenay Saraç

- Chapter 6 The Critical Evaluation of Development and Underdevelopment Theories
Dilan Ciftçi

- Chapter 7 An Overview of The Health Spending in Turkey Between the Years 2002-2017
Mehmet Yorulmaz

- Chapter 8 Evaluation of Health Care Systems of CIS Countries By Panel Data Analysis Method
Fuad Salamov

- Chapter 9 Testing Gibson Paradox For Turkey: An Asymmetric Threshold Cointegration Analysis
Burcu Kıran Baygın

- Chapter 10 Analysis of Performance Differences Between Strategic Groups in Food Retail Sector
Eren Durmuş-Özdemir

- Chapter 11 DOES Global Hunger Tend to Decrease?
Ersin Kıral
Berna Uzun

- Chapter 12 Money Attitude and Saving Intentions of Young Adults in Turkey
Yaw Frimpong OFORI ATTA
Özlem Sayılır