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Easy Mac OS X Snow Leopard Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: İşletim Sistemleri Kitapları
Sayfa Sayısı: 291
ISBN: 9780789739797
Kapak: Ciltsiz
Kate Binder
Kate Binder
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  • Easy Mac OS X Snow Leopard Kısa Özet

    See it Done. Do it yourself

    The easiest, friendliest, most visual guide to Apple`s newest, most powerful version of Mac OS X!

    - Reaches a huge and growing market of beginner Mac users, PC switchers to Mac, and those upgrading from earlier versions of Mac OS X

    - The perfect step-by-step, full-colour visual complement to Mac OS X Snow Leopard`s graphical, intuitive interface

    - Thoroughly updated to reflect the newest features and capabilities


    Easy Mac OS X Snow Leopard is the perfect companion for everyone who`s bought a new Macintosh with OS X Snow Leopard pre-installed... every Mac user who`s upgrading to Snow Leopard... and the many new Mac users who`ve

    just switched from Windows. This full-color, utterly simple, step-by-step book

    has been carefully crafted to provide instant access to the tasks beginner to intermediate users need to master. Like all books in the Easy series, it`s designed to teach visually: readers never have to work their way through lengthy text explanations. Here`s just some of what readers will learn how to do...

    - Get on the Internet and make the most of the Mac`s great web and

    communication tools

    - Install and use applications, printers, and scanners

    - Use OS X Snow Leopard`s powerful iLife media tools

    - Customize their Macs

    - Create home networks and share their Macs with multiple users

    - Organize their files, folders, disks - and their lives

    - Keep their Macs running reliably

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