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Core 1 Nonfiction Reading

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Core 1 Nonfiction Reading Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: Diğer Dil Öğrenimi Kitapları
Sayfa Sayısı: 144
ISBN: 9781613527405
Kapak: Ciltsiz
Liana Robinson
Liana Robinson
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    Core Nonfiction Reading is a three-book series for high beginner and intermediate learners of English. It features passages that have been carefully controlled to ensure vocabulary and grammar appropriate to students in this range of levels. The topics of these readings are interesting and cognitively appropriate to students of high school or university age. Comprehension questions and skill activities ensure and enhance students' understanding of key concepts and ideas.

    The Reading Fluency Workbook allows students to practice reading about a familiar topic at a faster pace. Readings here cover topics related to those in the Student Book, but are less challenging. This enables students to practice reading fluently about a topic they are comfortable with.  Key Features Reading-focused but integrates writing, speaking, listening, and note-taking skills  Fun and instructive infographics add depth to reading
    Comprehension activities test not only memory of facts and details but the ability to make inferences  Linked skills activities help students improve both language and critical thinking skills

    Websıte And Mobıle App
    Get the most out of Core Nonfiction Reading by using the dedicated website and mobile app. Log on to or download the app to your mobile device from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Access code and full instructions can be found at the back of the Student Book.

    • Extra practice with vocabulary, reading comprehension, and speed reading practice
    • Get instant feedback on activities, track progress, and submit homework assignments
    • Teachers can organize classes, collect homework assignments, and track student progress

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