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Bubi (İngilizce) Hakkında Bilgiler
Türü: Söyleşi Kitapları
Sayfa Sayısı: 254
ISBN: 9786058265011
Kapak: Ciltli
Ali Şimşek
Ali Şimşek
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  • Bubi (İngilizce) Kısa Özet

    In one aspect, Bubi is an artist with are gothic spirit in Türkish Art.

    Uncanny, creepy, primitive, gloaming, piercing... Especially that creeping sensation exuded by his sculptures. Each work bearing the unfinished mark of the gothic, with handprints and featuring errors, because content is a shiver that forces the boundaries of contour and form. 

    Looking back from Bubi's latest works... Retrospective. This look stands for pondering the ever -changing poetics and the understanding of the plastic and the surface.

    Indeed, we managed something guite difficult.

    We attempted to build the backbone of anartist book from chats and interviews. I believe the resuld turned out to be a living, breathing tex can feel.

    We refreshed retrospective look on the works of art. As the interview went, hitherto forgotten papers, sketches and letters appeared  on the table. Considering this long interview and experience, writing about his work formed a whole new atmosphere. Everything stretched so far beyond the cold, bookish rhetori.

    Opening up through the talk...

    But here always is that which cannot be ''uttered'', that which cannot be ''conceptualised'' and ''elucidated''. They stand before us asworks of art.

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